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Drivers Pledge

Road Safe NI have launched their ‘Driver’s Pledge’ Campaign in partnership with Approved Driving Instructor’s (ADI’s) across Northern Ireland.

New Driver’s are the highest risk group of being involved in a road traffic collision in the first year of passing their driving test.  Driving Instructors are the key link to new drivers and Road Safe NI believe that together we can contribute to making the roads that bit safer and ultimately save lives, by raising awareness through this campaign.

ADI’s are helping infiltrate the road safety pledge into their local communities, as they mentor and support new drivers to take ownership of their road user responsibilities to enjoy a lifetime of safe driving.


If you are an ADI and would like to sign up to the Driver’s Pledge Campaign, please email Tricia at to register.  We will provide you with a Driver’s Pledge window sticker for your car and A5 Driver’s Pledge leaflets to give to your students.

We ask ADI’s to discuss the importance of the Driver’s Pledge with their students and ask them to sign our online pledge at

Over the next few months we will be featuring photographs of ADI’s and their students with the pledge leaflet across our social media sites and are asking ADI’s to send photo’s to us once consent is gained from students.  We will then feature each photo in a gallery of instructors on our Facebook page at who have signed up to the Campaign.

If you would like more information, please contact Tricia by emailing

You can watch our short campaign promotional video at:


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